¿What is Kanggaroo?

Share, learn, create, stimulate, play, enjoy, taste… Kanggaroo Playroom is a place where your children older than 3 years old can do all that. A place where they can enjoy and have fun while learning. It also is a cosy and original place to meet up with other friends…

Kanggaroo was born out of a dream and an eagerness to create a unique and homely place where all children can develop their creativity and have fun in a natural environment through traditional games and new technologies.
Come and visit us, a place where children can expand their imagination and where fun is our main goal. Also, we encourage the exchange, the reflection and the creativity between children.

Kanggaroo is a universe where they learn, play, draw, create, stimulate, jump, paint, laugh, make friends, celebrate parties, share and always enjoy.
We also have a playroom specifically designed for the youngest ones where they can enjoy and have fun.
Our maximum capacity of 20 children allows us to do exclusive and personalized events.